Easy Tricks To Rotate Videos Using Google Photos & Iphone

We show you to rotate your videos in the event that you have recorded them in the wrong orientation. A horizontal or vertical, with Google Photos is very simple.

There is nothing bothers more than a video that is not well oriented. We explore you how to solve it using Google Photos & iphone.

Today we have in our pocket a smart device that allows us to record video at any time. So far so good, the problem is when you get home, put it on your TV and you find yourself with the situation that you need to be from the circus of the sun to see it.

We are talking about when videos are recorded in the wrong orientation. We recommend you always record horizontally. Although it may be the case that, for whatever reason, our smartphone does not detect that we are holding it horizontally and, when playing the video, we find that it is vertical.

Well we say that this has a very easy solution, which we tell you below.

Google Photos has the solution

The Google application to view, edit and backup our photos or videos offers us an option that is perhaps known when we talk about photographs. What not everyone knows is that the editing options can be applied in our videos. Thanks to that, we will solve our little problem.

Steps to follow

  • We open the Google Photos application.
  • We are looking for a video to which we want to apply the orientation correction.
  • If we press, the option to reproduce it will appear; In addition to the option to share, edit, view the information and delete it.
  • The option that interests us is to edit, so we will click on the icon.
  • Once inside the editing options, we will find the setting to rotate the videos.
  • We will click on that button until our video has the correct orientation.
  • Having the video well oriented, we only have to click on the save button.

After a few seconds, we will have our video ready. One thing to keep in mind is that Google Photos does not overwrite the original video, so we will have both the original and the corrected at our disposal.

I hope that you will be of help in this fight silenced by having the videos in horizontal.

How to rotate a video in iphone:

You do not need a program to rotate videos from the iPhone. Many think that the solution is to download the video on a PC or MAC and with a video editor, type Final Cut or iMovie, rotate it.

However, nothing is further from reality; today it is possible to rotate videos on iPhone from the device itself. We simply have to download the VIDEO ROTATE & FLIP application.

This app to rotate videos on iPhone will allow, in a very simple way, to rotate any of the videos that we have “recorded badly”. However, not only that, it also offers us the possibility of performing the “mirror mode” vertically and horizontally.

After installing the iOS app and accepting the relevant permissions (we only accept the access to our photos of the reel), we will see all the videos that we have on the iPhone.

Now it is time to choose the video that we want to flip.

After choosing it, click on the SELECT option that appears in the upper right part of the screen.

It is now when the tools to rotate and mirror mode appear.

Click on the ones you want and when you have the video rotated, click on EXPORT. This will cause the video to be processed. Once finished we will see the options to share it or save it on the reel. The choice of what you want to do with the video is yours.

In this simple way, we can rotate an iPhone video.

Simple, right?.

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