Effective Methods for Entire Tree and Stump Removal

It is unquestionable that human existence is not possible without the existence of trees. Aggressive deforestation is the reason for several major changes across the globe. However, some situations occur when it becomes necessary to cut down a tree. When a large standing tree becomes a threat to the nearby location, its eradication is the only remaining option. There are several reasons why you need to cut down a tree such as:

1) when an old tree dies and starts decaying.

2) A half-broken tree by wind or cyclone.

3) An overgrown tree alongside your building damaging roof or walls.

Not only the tree, but its remaining stump is also a big problem. Only an expert arborist can handle these issues perfectly. They are certified professionals who make use of advanced tools and skills for safe eradication of tree. Also, a license holding arborist company helps in getting the permission of cutting from concerned authorities.

Tree removal process

When it comes to the removal of the entire large tree, the safety of nearby property and people is the first concern. Widespread branches and heavy trunk needs to be carefully removed. They use harnessing tools and machinery to reach at the top for systematically cutting down all branches one by one. After exposing the main trunk of a tree, they measure its length and mark it for making safe cuts with a chainsaw. With proper harnessing, each log of a trunk is cut down safely so that it doesn’t harm anything.

Stump removal

Stump seems like a small object but is the toughest part of the tree for removal. Especially if the eliminated tree is more than 50-60 years old, it’s removal is very difficult. A major portion of stump remains deep beneath the earth’s surface in the form of roots. These roots hold a tight grip on the ground that prevents the upper part from coming out. A stump left behind in your lawn or backyard occupy large space and stops you from utilizing the land properly. The agencies of tree removal and stump in Wallacia implement different methods for their removal according to the stronghold. Here is a list of some professional techniques.

1) Grinding

This is the widely trending method of tree stump removal that involves a powerful rotating blade for chipping of the wood. All agencies of arborist services have this tool of around a lawn mower’s size. Stump grinding service is not the complete removal because it eliminates the upper portion but leave the roots inside.

2) Tow chain method

This method works if the arborist agency has a powerful towing truck. They utilize the power of an engine to root out the stump from the ground. This process requires a strong chain that can be tightly encircled across the stump. After ensuring that the chain has a stronghold over the stump, it’s another end is tied with the winch of the vehicle that is generally used for taking a vehicle out of the mud or ice. When they apply the full force of the engine, the stump comes out from the ground with its roots.

3) Burning

If you can’t root out the stump, simply burn it. Wood is a combustible substance; you just need to make adequate arrangements for effective combustion. The experts of tree stump removal in Wallacia use a chainsaw to cut down the stump as much as possible. Now drill several holes of around 10 inches inside the stump and fill them with potassium nitrate. Pour hot water so that the chemical dissolve. Cover the entire stump with easily combustive material like wood scraps and dry grass. Show matchstick to this stuff so that the fire reaches ammonium nitrate deep inside the wood. When the entire stump burns out, break it with a shovel or hammer.

If you have heavy duty equipment, watch some DIY videos to make use of them. Otherwise, hire a professional agency for perfect accomplishment of this job.

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