Five Must-See Beaches to Visit This Summer 2018

Playa Del Papagayo, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

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Winter is almost over, and the smell of green, fresh grass of spring is fast-approaching— and soon after, it is summer again. And when this season comes, the best thing to do is to visit a place or a beach you’ve never been to, especially that travelling nowadays is common to millennials.

It is undeniable how there are thousands of different beaches you can visit all around the globe. And whether it is in Europe, Asia, or America, island hopping is indeed the best way to spend summer. If you are searching what beach to visit this summer, here are a few you need to check out.

Hulopoe Beach in Hawaii

Everyone knows how Hawaii is the perfect country to stay during summer because of its beaches. Hulopoe Beach is by far, the most excellent place to visit and to swim the heat of summer away. With its crystal clear and blue waters partnered with its delicate and white as pearl sands, anyone can say how worth visiting this beach is any time of the year. You can swim and snorkel. Apart from it, Hulopoe Beach is also open to the public as a park beach.

Old Orchard Beach in Maine

For more than a century, this beach in Maine has been the most favourite of people from all neighbouring state. You can go swimming, drink, playing games, fishing, go whale watching, or watch concerts happening in the area. And most of the recreational activities occur in the famous Old Pier, which is almost 5oo feet out over of the Atlantic Ocean.

Sotavento in Fuerteventura

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The Canary Islands are also known not for its fun-filled festivities, but also for its summer perfect beaches. And among the most stunning beaches in Canary is located in Fuerteventura: the Sotavento. Sotavento is popular with its mile after mile of white sands down the south-east part of Fuerteventura. Not only for beachgoer, but also for people who love to surf and fly their kites because of its mild yet constant winds according to canaryislandsinfo.

Wavine Cyrique Beach in Dominica

Caribbean Islands is as well a famous destination for its picturesque and mesmerising sceneries and beaches. And among the many places to visit in the Caribbean, the Wavine Cyrique Beach is perhaps the most popular of all because of the huge waterfall. However, this beach isn’t accessible especially to those who don’t want to sweat. People need to do a back-breaking hike down the cliff and a 10-minute walk through the forest to reach the place.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore in North Carolina

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According to NPS, the Cape Hatteras is an exceptional place to rest your mind and engage your senses. Its popular attraction is the 196-feet lighthouse—which is the tallest in North part of America— wherein visitors can climb it. Furthermore, just like the other, it is the best destination to surf, swim, beachcombing, and stargazing.


Summer, for most millennials, is the best season to go traveling and find new places to explore. And whether it is on the beach or merely a resort, the most important thing is how you spend and who you spend it with.


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