Gather All the Mess, Pack It Up Tight and Fly to Morocco

A perfectly styled cubicle, sticky notes, a cup of sizzling coffee, it might be a dream of many but not me. A girl who was once career oriented was just about to take her flight to the peak of her career but she chose to let it go.  It was the moment when the promotion was offered with a better package, more facilities and lots of new challenges in the career life. At this time, there was no urge to keep the commitment, the only wish of freedom was left behind. She was tired of living the demanded life. Leaving the job turn out to be the worst decision, relatives, family, friends were bashing over that it was a stupid decision. She wanted to run away but there was no other choice. One day, scrolling down to the social media, there was a news on Morocco and a company Virikson Morocco Holidays has an amazing deal to explore the country. It was the time to decide, to ignore every other voice and to only listen what the heart wants. Completing all the calculations, she decided to travel to Morocco.

In A Quest of the Answers, She Found New Questions

I was on my way to Morocco, anxious, lost and mind have built up too many expectations on its own. First time in a life, I felt as I don’t want to be good but to be free. No one was along to expect anything from me or in my behaviour. Yes, I was looking for some of the answers to life, the lost identity of me. In a high school, we are taught to remember things, we are supposed to memorize the content that makes no sense to us. We were never asked to question ourselves or even our surroundings. The people who did were called stupid, messed up, brainless and too many other words. But when I landed to Morocco, I was rising up to the new glory and shining through my own reflection.

Crusts of the Sahara Desert

Heading for the Sahara Desert tour, we cross through the blazing road journey surrounded by the stunning beauty of the peaks of the Atlas Mountains. These mountains have their stories too. They have witnessed too many lives. Every peak has felt the footsteps of someone who was tired not by hiking the mountain but by choosing the wrong path. After all, this windy journey in the bus we reached to the starting point of the desert. A far away there are golden sand dunes glowing with the reflection of the rays of the Sun.

It was the shiny day, by the time we reached somewhere in the middle of Desert to our camps. Probably, it was supposed to spend some time trekking and then enjoying the sunset but everyone went to sleep after a tiring road journey. Out of some other fellow travellers, I was the one wide awake and no urge to sleep. Eyes were teary and the silence of the desert was making my mind to recall every memory that has ever made me smile or something that has thrown me away in the deepest valley of sorrow.  It started questioning my own actions and the choices, how can I refuse to be vulnerable and stead my head straight because no one has the tolerance for it. Okay, I had to keep it hidden for every other person but why I couldn’t reveal my own weakness in front me? In a journey to become independent, wise and responsible, I had lost the sense of kindness towards me. At that very moment, I felt that the silence of this desert was telling me all the answers, to which I always avoided the questions. With the beautiful view of the sunset, all the pain vanished and joy was all there coming out of my soul. It was the sense of freedom, the hope of the next fine day and the courage to get over the past to embrace the new day with new questions.

Indeed, it was a magical journey to the Sahara, the night brings a new light. It has the stars all over the sky, it tells the different tale of the life. The sky has also witnessed too many people that gaze at the stars for so long as in a quest for peace.

However, this magical journey was about to end but the new beginning was waiting for me in my own life. Moving Company back to the routine but with new determination and many new wishes was another start of life. These are the wonders of travelling around the world. I would say that everyone should plan their holidays every now and then to anywhere, just for the little break from being yourself. Now, I am ready to face the new mess with different challenges and a great passion within my soul. “Go away” is replace with “Bring it on”. Problems are the opportunities to solve something new, so embrace them open heartedly. Take a break but never turn your back on them or they will haunt you till your last breath. Happy journey to Morocco!!

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