Get the best lingerie for your wedding day

The time a couple is engaged, the preparations for the big day start. There is always so much to do, to buy, and to arrange. It takes days, usually months to get ready for the big day, THE WEDDING DAY.

And every bride wants to look nothing less than radiant on her day. The search for a perfect wedding dress, therefore, is quite a big task. But it doesn’t end when you find your dress; you’ve also got to decide what you will wear underneath that. Selecting the lingerie for women on your wedding day is as difficult as choosing your wedding dress, if not more. This is because a wrong choice of lingerie can ruin your wedding dress too.


So gear up ladies, pull up your socks, and let’s gets started.

1. No peek-a-boo: If your wedding dress is of sheer stuff and smooth, you would not want anything to show. Some embellishment in sexy lingerie can show from the smoothness of the dress. In order to avoid this, try on the dress with the lingerie beforehand so that nothing is amiss on the D-Day.

2. Careful with the colors: If you want to go for sexy lingerie underneath your wedding dress in order to surprise your soon-to-be, make sure that your wedding dress is thick enough to hide the bold colors. Nude colored undergarments work very well, or any color that matches your skin or your dress is a safe choice. You can always slip into something bolder and wild later for the night.

3. Fit like a second skin: It’s common knowledge that most ladies wear underwear that’s either one size short or big. Make sure that you get yourself measured so that you don’t make the same mistake. And if you can get lingerie that fits you like a second skin, then there’s no one luckier. A perfect fit will boost your confidence and make you feel on the ninth cloud.

4. The right time to shop: Sine the wedding dress is the biggest factor in lingerie shopping, shop for bridal lingerie when you have decided the dress that you’re going to wear. After the first dress fitting, you can go to the lingerie store and choose the lingerie that will suit your dress the best and go with it entirely. If you have a backless dress, then you have to look for a backless bra which ties up at the waist, or you can have the bra fitted in your dress as well.

5. Shape with shapewear: Holding a few extra pounds? Shapewear is the best way to hide a small bulge here and thee or any other imperfection that you would rather not show on your big day. Experts say that a good shapewear helps make the bride feel more secure and confident. It keeps everything in its place and gives you a whole new beautiful look.

It’s a good thing if you keep backups, as in keep a pair of lingerie in case something goes wrong. Also, make sure that you try on your dress with all the lingerie before the wedding. And if you have played it safe with the lingerie on your wedding day, you can always turn it up a notch and slip into something seductive that will please your partner for the wedding night. Good Luck Ladies!!!!

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