How Can You Develop The Reading Skills in Classroom Teaching?

During the initial years of the schooling, the student learns many new things when it comes to learning language, as well as reading which is something that counted another important skill in early childhood years. However, a teacher can definitely help their students in developing the right reading skills in classroom teaching. But the question is- how a teacher can do that?

Well, those teachers who have already done certification teaching courses in India won’t at all find it challenging to help their students who are finding it difficult to read. These teachers are well-trained and groomed to understand the capabilities of each and every student in the classroom and adopt the standard or universal techniques to help students pace up with their learning process.

Through this post, we shall try to gain an in-depth insight into some of the ways that are adopted by teachers who have done certification teaching courses in India and hold years of experience in teaching profession.

As a teacher, you need to lay more emphasis on some of the given below aspects to help your students develop the reading skills in the early years of schooling:

  • Helping Your Students Learn The Talking And Listening Abilities: The teacher has to ensure that they should make use of the standard or common language that is understandable and right for different uses and audiences.
  • Giving Them A Lesson About The Alphabet: You should first try to make them learn and understand all the alphabets by heart. Before you decide to start with the reading, they should be able to recognize and speak all of the letters of the alphabet. The children should be able to quickly pronounce the letters of the alphabet in the right sequence and identify all the letters.
  • Teaching Phonemic: The first and foremost thing that a teacher needs to do is to teach the students phonemic which means they should be well aware of the sound that each letter makes when said loudly. This you will be trained well during your teaching courses in India. It is the basic foundation and should be done before you decide to teach your students reading skills.
  • Teaching Phonics And Word Acknowledgment. The teacher should first try to teach the children about the letter and sound association with the use of clear and meaningful sentences. They should also teach “asymmetrical” words that your students will come across every so often, the ones that don’t follow the letter-sound associations they are trying to learn.
  • Learn The Skill Of Correct Spelling And Writing. Make them well aware of the correct spelling of the words.
  • Building Vocabulary: Try using new words to build their vocabulary on a regular basis.
  • Building Intellectual Capacity: For this, you have to read clearly and loudly to your students.

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