How Hawaii can help your Children gather more knowledge

There is plenty of museums in Hawaii

A museum is a great place to take kids for an educational trip. Museums teach children various issues including history and science. Hawaii has plenty of Museums where you can take your children to learn historical information. Pacific Aviation Museum, for instance, showcases the events that led to drawing of the United States into the World War II.

This museum is a historical gem that children will find interesting and educational. Other museums dot the islands showcasing different aspects of social and natural history.

It is a cultural hotspot

Another thing that makes a vacation to Hawaii educational to children is culture. Hawaii is really diverse with cultures from Asia, the Pacific Sea Islands of Samoa, and Polynesia as well as the mainland America. Cultural spots on islands such as Byodo-In temple and Luau cultural center offers an opportunity for children to visit and learn about the different cultures of the islands. The knowledge gained from the cultural centers is essential in educating children to appreciate foreign ways of life.

Adventurous tours

Adventurous tours help children learn more about outdoor activities and expand their minds besides what they learn in enclosed classrooms. Hawaii has plenty of touring hotspots. You can take your children in a Jungle tour on any island especially Maui and Oahu and let them learn about nature.

There are zoos

Zoos are excellent places to take your children to learn about natural science. One remarkable zoo to visit in Hawaii is Honolulu. Taking your children here gives them a chance to see animals and get enlightened about nature.

10 things to do in Hawaii with your family in Hawaii

In Maui

Zip lining in the Jungles of Maui Provided no one in the family is afraid of heights, zip lining in Maui can be a great way to have fun in Hawaii. It is mainly safe. Take your family on the zip vehicles and harness yourselves with straps. Once you are airborne, you will have a great aerial view of Maui jungles that will make your vacation truly unforgettable. There are competent island operators that will closely guard the safety of your family. After taking some photos of the lush vegetation and scenic jungle below, you will have to come down and dash in any of a range of tropical food restaurants in the jungle. Carry an insect repellant with you to protect your kids from the jungle bugs.

Whale watching

It is not only the vacation goers and tourists who love the warm waters of Maui but whales too. The best time to come whale -watching in Maui is anytime between March and December. Around this time, humpback whales love to come chilling in the warm waters here where they mate and give birth. There is no place in the Pacific with a large concentration of whales at an instant like Maui hence they have dubbed it Whale Nirvana. There are dozens of whale -watching firms that run 2 -hour trips with inflatable boats to Maalaea and Lahaina. Let the kids get splashed with a gush send by whale’s tails from the sea, as you enjoy a cocktail nearby. Don’t miss.

Touring by helicopter

Another better way of having a stunning view of Maui is hovering above it by a helicopter. Superman was right after all: Views from above rule. You can decide to enjoy the thrill of Maui from the comfort of your seat in the helicopter by hiring the service of a touring company.

The whirlybird operators will take your family up and over the extensive green sea that makes up the Maui jungle to have an amazing picture of the rolling landscapes and spectacular smoky waterfalls.

You can remind the tour guides to drop you on top of the amazing Haleakala volcano, the largest volcano in Maui. Watch the magic unfold below your feet by the sight of colorful Iguanas, and the scenic slopes that will make your trip here memorable.

In Oahu

Swimming with the Dolphins at Kahala Hotel and Resort This is a great place to take your kids. Kahala Hotel & Resort has a 23,000 square feet lagoon where your kids can mingle with bottlenose dolphins. The hotel has a name for it, The Dolphin Quest. If you have a special place for animals in your heart then don’t worry about animal welfare in this paradise. Dolphin Quest is certified for animal welfare by

American Humane Conservation Program which closely monitors the person and the dolphin experience. The Dolphin Quest is a once -in -a -lifetime experience that you can afford to miss. Due to a large number of visitors who pay pilgrimage here, you may need to book early to avoid inconveniencing your family.

Pacific Aviation Museum

It is the only aviation museum in the greater Hawaii state. Bring here your family to have a glance of the history. Pacific Aviation Museum takes you back in time to the events that took place during the infamous Pearl Harbor attack of December 7, 1945. The aircraft used during that morning raid now rest here in their dark glory, not very far from where they wreaked havoc.

In fact, it takes just 15 minutes to drive from Pearl Harbor to Pacific Aviation Museum. A trip here is more than educational. The museum has plenty of other aircraft, flight simulators and footage of hell that descended on the Hawaii islands in the wake of World War II. You can buy tickets to the museum at the museum admissions desk or Pearl Harbor Visitors center.

Visit Luau and meet the fire dancers

Luau is Mecca for dance and entertainment. It trip here is going to be interesting. Bring here your family to see locals do the kahiko dance of hula (where hula is yet another dance) around a bonfire. Meekly interact with the gods as you enchant the mele chant alongside the dancers.

It doesn’t end with Luau dance. You can also visit the weekend dance festivals showcasing Samoan and Tahitian dance styles. When you feel weary after dancing the whole evening, consider dropping at the traditional eateries that serve lomilomi (salmon diced with tomatoes, just like salsa), kalua pork (an entire pig roasted and spiced underground in the handmade pit), poi (mashed taro roots) among other Hawaii delicacies with a Polynesian touch.


Waikiki is an entertainment complex that includes a long stretch of a beautiful oceanfront beach. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Hawaii. One thing that makes it one of the preferred tourist destinations in Hawaii is the fact that it is a suburb of Honolulu located next to the sea. It has all the family friendly entertainment amenities and it is easy to reach by road and railway.

At the end of the crescent -like beach lies an extinct volcano known here as the Diamond Head Crater. Bring your family here to relax on the sun drenched beach and have a spectacular view of the diamond -headed volcano. You can leave your small children in Waikiki carousel that is located a little interior behind the suburb.

Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu zoo sits on a 42 -acre estate in Waikiki where you can take your family to see native animals and plants. Basically, it is an animal kingdom with over 1,230 mammals, reptiles and birds bellowing and squeaking in as many tongues. Many of the animals in this zoo are in an open enclosure. Over 750,000 people visit this zoo every year.

There is the special 12 -acre Kabuni Reserve that is made to resemble an African Savanna. Being in Kabuni Reserve is like taking a vacation in Maasai Mara in Kenya or Serengeti in Tanzania — a rich seclude of wildlife. Come here and look for hippopotamus, kudu, giraffe, sacred ibis, plains zebra, lions, and cheetah, white and black rhinoceros, Nile crocodile among other African fauna.

Byodo- In Temple

Byodo-In Temple is a memorial park with Japanese style temples and houses to celebrate the Japanese culture. Instead of taking your family all the way to Tokyo to view the Shinto shrines, bring them to this memorial park in Kaneohe in the heart of Oahu Island.

The beautiful park features replicas of ancient Japanese temples, koi fish ponds, peacocks, samurai sword houses. Come here and have a firsthand experience of what it takes to be a Ninja and how to use a samurai sword. You will also learn about the ancient Japanese dynasties and the famous Meiji restoration that threw Japan to stardom.

Waikiki Aquarium

It is an excellent place to take your kids. This aquarium is located within Waikiki suburb of Honolulu which is a sprawling shopping center and a tourist attraction in its name. This aquarium is an air conditioned facility showcasing Hawaii’s marine life. You will have a rare opportunity to watch sharks, trout, swordfish, and octopus among other marine wildlife.

Children will have an opportunity to learn about how the plate tectonics of the Pacific moves and the effect of vulcanicity to the Hawaii marine life. Waikiki aquarium is a highly educational place to take children especially if they have some interest in marine science.


Hawaii is a great place to take your family on vacation. The islands beat other known vacation and tourist destinations such as those found in the Caribbean and elsewhere in the Pacific such as Guam. One of the many reasons that make Hawaii a great place for a family vacation is the aforementioned Aloha Spirit practiced by people in Hawaii.

The islands have everything worth visiting; educational museums, scenery jungle tours, restaurants, cultural centers, bungee jumping, sandy beaches among others that make it one of the best family friendly destinations in the United States.

Other than the attractions themselves, Hawaii has a favorable weather and culture of cohesion that is attractive to visitors who frequent the islands every year. All these factors merge together to make a trip to the islands truly unforgettable. If you are thinking of taking your family out for a vacation then consider going to Hawaii.

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