How to Style a Fashionable Home on the Cheap

If you’re somewhat of a fashionista but your home doesn’t look the part either because you simply can’t transfer your fashion sense into home décor sense or you feel like your budget is just too tight to make it work, then follow these tips to get your home fashionable in no time and on the cheap.

Follow Home and DIY Blogs

Home and DIY blogs have endless resources and information for you to follow in order to get a fashionable home on the cheap. Follow home blogs for advice on the latest trends and ideas for where to shop. If you’re interested in taking on a project or two, follow some DIY blogs to get things happening. You’ll find endless ideas of projects that cater to your tastes and to the latest fashion trends.

Take Your Time

While you may be eager to get going with your new stylish home, it’s best to take it slow. When you take your time doing up a room, or a whole house, you’re more likely to be able to find furniture and home décor that you really love, instead of opting for pieces just because they’re almost what you wanted and they’re on sale.

Source Second-hand Goods

Sourcing used homewares not only keeps the cost down but it’s also great fun and you’ll be more likely to find pieces that suit your own personal tastes. What’s new and in stores right now are usually pieces that are all on trend and will soon be off trend. Don’t fall for pieces just because they’re ‘in’. Fall for pieces because they’re ‘you’.

Keep it Simple

Sometimes you don’t even need to change every piece in your home, or even half of them to feel the full effects of a great home makeover. Even simple things, like changing out the door handles or finding a new rug will be enough to spruce up your room and make it feel like new again. If you have a hankering for home design but are on a tight budget, I can’t stress this step enough.

Create Light

Sometimes encouraging more light in your home will create a large enough effect that you don’t feel the need to do any extra work. Encourage more light into your home by installing sheer curtains, new blinds or put in extra table lamps in the bedrooms and living rooms. This will make your home appear, brighter, livelier and larger. It will give your home a feeling of space, even if you live in a tiny apartment.

Add Texture

If you feel your home is missing character, add some texture. Interesting and bold textures whether in wallpaper, rugs, blankets or throws can create a sense of style cheaply, without having to purchase a whole array of new items. Again, keep it simple and take it slow. Find the pieces that really speak to you before handing over your money.

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