Make Up Mind for Becoming Verification Engineer

verification engineer

The field of engineering is open for all and always welcome those who have the willingness to shape a brilliant career in a way which is not that ordinary. It is not about getting a degree after study but apply the same knowledge in a positive manner and for the betterment of the mankind in all the area. The verification engineer shall provide technical know-how and shall form an individual contributor for the completion of the project so that to design platforms of ASIC verification, carry out analysis, assist in the process of developing the platform and also utilize the platform to validate the asic.

The certification verification engineer will analyze test benches in order to set up operating data, performs experimental tests plus assesses outcome to make a possible prototype and also production solutions for VLSI. He shall give assistance to personnel for the formation of detailed design, prototype fabrication, and design testing.

Perhaps you are thinking to take up verification engineering as your profession; you will be needed to adopt below-given points.


You may find a few bugs are hard to discover or replicate. Not very often, it happens seldom you are aware that something is not right, but it is hard for you to show it. A few features of VE can also be intricate to put into practice. The verification languages utilized function over a high level of abstraction plus it may seldom be difficult to follow low-level attitude. You must know that there exists a solution, but you are needed to discover it by spending your time.


In order to make complicate connections amid internal flows concerning the DUT and components needs great attention to perform.

Abstract thinker

By and by you become experienced and shall require being in a capacity to make out patterns which shall aid accelerate the pace of constructing a VE, and also assist recognizing the sources rapidly which can be the cause of failure.


When you get over busy, and you may put aside a few errors of the design of less priority, you are required to give continuous attention to these errors till they no more exist in the design for solving the problem. Here you may be called design verification engineer in reality.


You may be working with ideas that are difficult to understand, having various views on the similar subject cropping up always. Therefore, there can be no view or opinion to be shy about, to put forth your opinion with correctness is necessary.


It is necessary to have a curious mind. You shall be needed continually thinking about things can get wrong and must not be frightened to break – this DUT.


It may depend upon the size of your DUT you may be testing; it can be motivations to take only some couple of minutes or maybe days to finish. As you will be required to wait until tomorrow to notice whether the latest version concerning the VE is functioning, you have to demonstrate patience.

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