Understand Norton Setup & Norton Installation In Easy Steps

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Everyone has asked the same question “Why do we need to install antivirus on the system”. No matter, how carefully you use your system. If you don’t’ install antivirus on your system. Malware or unwanted files are stored automatically in your system, sometimes, users couldn’t able to check harmful files, may be harmful to your system. So to protect your system from malware, virus, unwanted files or other online threats, you need to install the antivirus on your system; it blocks assaulters that can make your system sick and infected.

Today We Are Going to Help You Understand How You Can Setup and Activate Norton Antivirus To Your Computer Or Device.

Norton Activation

First You need a Norton Account And Product key to Activate and Download the Norton Software. We need to go to Norton official website to Redeem the Norton Antivirus.

Once Activated Than only we Can Download & Install Norton Antivirus. Please Visit www.norton.com/setup  For Norton Setup.


Download Norton Antivirus –

Once Your Product Had Been activated You Can login to Your Norton Account and From Under Services, You Can Download Norton software That you have just activated.

Please Run the Setup and Follow the Instructions to Setup Norton antivirus.

After Installation Please Restart Your computer and update your Norton antivirus to latest Version.

Hope this Would help for Any AOther Help Visit www.norton.com And See if you can get any other Help Thier.

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