Reasons to send your kids to boarding schools

boarding school dehradun

Your kids are your first and foremost priority without any doubt of course. But then at the time of deciding the school for them, you get to face the state of dilemma. You need to ask yourself a set of questions. These are the most common out of the few. Should I opt for a private or non-private school? Should it be all girls or boys school, or should you opt for a co-education school? Why should you consider sending your child to boarding school? Wouldn’t she do just as well as day school? These are the common set of questions for parents to ponder as they review their private school option.

There are actually many reasons to go to boarding school. Especially if they are as good as the best boarding schools in dehradun, you need not think of other options.  The academics, the athletics, and the extracurricular activities are just a few under consideration. But in reality, there are many reasons to send your child to a boarding school. The academics, the athletics etc are just a few of the considerations. But there’s more, and let us see a few of those lurking options to opt for a boarding school for your kid:

  1. First of all your kid will get great teachers who love to teach. Because of the size of the classrooms, they can give individual attention to all of them.  Also, Boarding schools traditionally hire teachers with degrees in their subjects. As well a large number of these experienced teachers have advanced degrees in their field and diploma courses in other fields too.  Typically all are passionate about their subject. Not only that they are very enthusiastic about it and love to teach it to young people.
  2. Also, these teachers do not have any disciplinary issue. And because discipline is rarely a problem in boarding school, these talented teachers get to teach without having to be traffic cops or paper pushers like their public school counterparts. And that is one reason why your kids will learn faster and they will learn it with fun too.
  3. Another very interesting option is that they will have great sports and sports facilities in boarding schools. The boarding school in dehradun is not only known for their academics but also they are known for making their students expert in extra curriculum fields giving special emphasis to sports.  Most boarding schools have amazing sports facilities. The range of sports and teams in such schools will leave you amazed and you will be in a state of awe without giving any second thought. You will find everything from squash to ludo, to chess to scrabble to badminton to table tennis and to hockey to basketball. Outdoor game is common but they excel at indoors too. So are equestrian facilities. Many boarding school fitness facilities make commercial fitness establishments look tame. The varsity teams travel regionally and globally to compete. This helps students to gain a lot of confidence.

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