Things to Consider Before Buying a Refrigerator for Your Home

Summer has finally set in! Retailers have stocked up the latest refrigerator models in their stores! And with so many brands, and varieties available, you are confused as to how to choose the best selling refrigerator in India, right?

True that investment in a quality fridge for your home isn’t only about purchasing a cooling appliance which can keep food fresh, and water cool. Rather, it’s more about catering to the advanced features, your storage requirements, and of course, your budget.

Talking about budget, it’s ideal to buy a refrigerator on EMI, and save more on the expenditure. For this, you can avail the latest refrigerators on EMI from Bajaj Finserv and its 43,000 partner stores. You may also be eligible for a pre-approved loan offer from Bajaj Finserv. Now, to ease your search for the best refrigerator in India below is an elaborate guideline for you.

What to check before you buy refrigerator online? 

Yes! There are certain things which you should consider before purchasing the appliance for your home. Try to get answers to the following questions.

Question 1: Where will the refrigerator be placed?

Even before you decide on the brand, you must be sure of where to position the new fridge. Once selected, take measurements of the space available; check if there’s enough space for the fridge’s door to open. Besides, ensure 1-inch of clearance space around the product to enable smooth airflow.

Accordingly, you can decide on its height, width, depth, colour, type, etc.

Question 2: What would the size be?

You can choose from a variety of fridge sizes catering to your free space, and family requirements. Remember, the size of your family also influences your choice of refrigerator size. For 4 members, a 19 – 22 cubic feet appliance would be sufficient enough. For more members, products of 30 – 33 cubic feet would be apt.

So, make sure you at least have an approximate idea of your requirement.

Question 3: How is the model’s build?

Check how sturdy is the product’s build! If the trays, crisper drawers, and removable shelves feel fragile, or maybe, they get stuck when removed or reset, it’s better to avoid that model. Do recheck all the compartments carefully.       

Question 4: While you shop fridge, can the features cater to your food habits?

In the world of refrigerators, there are various features including ice making capability, number of in-door compartments, and fridge drawers, freezer space, etc. To determine the ideal pick, consider the following –

  • Food types you prefer to store.
  • The quantity of food to store.
  • The number of food items you would keep.
  • Frequency of your purchase.

How to decide?

Here are 2 instances:

  1. If your family prefers frozen dinners the most, consider refrigerator models with more freezer space. For convenient usage, opt for bottom freezer refrigerator India.
  2. If you prefer milk, and juice more, go for a double door refrigerator which comes with adjustable shelves to fit your beverages.

Question 5: Have you considered the model’s temperature performances?

The product you’re willing to purchase should ensure consistent temperature performance if you want food to stay fresh for longer time. Both double door, and single door refrigerator come with cutting-edge humidity controls which offer constant cooling.

Question 6: Above all, which style of the fridge would you prefer?

The most important thing to consider is the appliance’s style. Here are the 4 major ones –

  1. Top freezer refrigerator
  2. Bottom freezer refrigerator
  3. Side by side refrigerator
  4. 4 door or French door refrigerator

With the above points, you can quickly sort out the best refrigerator to buy. For an even better buying experience, opt for up to 100% EMI finance from Bajaj Finserv, and prepay within a flexible tenor. So, get the best buy in easy instalments.

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