Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2017


If you are preparing to get married this year, you may be scoping out some of the top honeymoon destinations for the year. While there are many romantic places you can go, like Oahu, Italy, and Tahiti, many of these places are played out. So many people go that there is nothing unique or special about them. As such, you may be curious in learning about how to register a car online or about some of the top up and coming honeymoon destinations, allowing you to be a trend setter, instead of a follower. Here are a few of the top honeymoon designations this year and what makes them so special.

Lanai, Hawaii

Oahu and Maui have long been popular honeymoon destinations. However, these places are quickly becoming tourist spots. This means they are not quiet and secluded and traffic can be horrendous in these areas. If you are looking for a tropical destination that is quiet, secluded and romantic, Lanai, Hawaii may be the perfect alternative. You will need to drive to take part in all the activities that are offered throughout the island, but traffic is not very heavy. And on days you are feeling lazy, you can lounge by the beautiful beach or pool at your hotel.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

There are many destinations in Mexico that have long been popular party destinations, including Cancun. If you love the beautiful blue waters and nightlife that are prominent in Mexico, yet want something a bit different for your honeymoon, consider Riviera Maya, Mexico. This beautiful area is extremely lush and tropical, while also being secluded and lesser-known. This means you won’t have partiers and drunks running around your resort, yet still have all the beauty that Mexico has to offer. Driving around Mexico as a tourist is not recommended due to safety concerns. If you want to travel away from the resort you are staying at, use a licensed taxi or tour company.

The Cayman Islands

Best known for their white sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters, the Cayman Islands is quickly becoming one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. When all you want to do is soak in the sun, lounge by a pool and enjoy quiet, private time with the love of your life, the Cayman Islands is perfect for you. The best part about this spot is that the resorts include everything you need, so you should never have to drive around or leave your hotel, making for one incredibly relaxing experience.

Marco Island, Florida

If you don’t have the budget for an exotic honeymoon, yet still want a destination that is tropical and luxurious, Marco Island, Florida may be perfect. This secluded island, just off Southwest Florida, is lush, tropical and fairly isolated. It is not a huge city like Miami or Orlando, yet is still affordable. If you are planning on driving, be aware that traffic headed into or out of the island can be bad on Fridays, Sundays or holidays. However, any other time, you should not experience much traffic. If you want to keep your honeymoon affordable and state-side, Marco Island, is a destination that you will want to check out.

There are many places where you can go on your honeymoon. However, remember to follow the rules of the road so you do not have to end up taking traffic school when you get back. Also, following the stress of planning a wedding, many people want to go somewhere low-key. They want to spend time alone with their new spouse and relax following the stress and chaotic-ness that can follow a wedding. If you want something low-key, quiet and secluded, any of these up and coming honeymoon destinations may be perfect for you.

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