What Type of Hair Do I Have?

I’m sure you have gone through many hair products and have asked yourself, “what is my hair type?” This is the crucial question that will determine your daily hair routine. Maybe you have used the same hair products for years, but they just aren’t doing anything for your hair. If you are like the average person that cannot style their hair with the same quality as their hairdresser, than look no further than Andre Walker Hair. Our products are formulated to give you healthy, salon quality hair in the luxury of your own home.

To find out what your correct hair type is, check out our hair type chart. From fine, straight hair to curly and kinky hair, all hair types need the correct attention. Our products are formulated to keep your hair moisturized all day for gorgeous, healthy hair. Figuring out your hair type couldn’t be easier with our original hair typing system.


Not all hair is created equally. When it comes to curly hair, different curls require different products and attention. Hair can be wavy, curly, or have a kink to it. These should all be treated with different types of curl products. With naturally curly hair there is a lot of confusion, but our goal is to help you clear up confusion to bring out your best curls. Find out here what the best styling products are for curly hair!

Being the stylist of Oprah Winfrey for 25 years, Andre Walker developed the highest quality products. With no testing on animals, and made without harsh chemicals likes sulfates and parabens, our system lives up to the highest standards. Some hair stylists will tell you to purchase expensive products that do not always live up to what they say they will achieve. If you are like many other people that have tried different products without success, try Andre Walker Hair care. Andre Walker products will help you to retain length and restore your hair’s natural strength. Embrace your natural hair with products that nourish and restore hair to make the path to beautiful hair easy. Wake up with luxurious hair that looks like it was personally styled by Andre Walker!

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