Why do you need a solar water heater?

The practice of heating water is quite an expensive one. A large percentage of domestic energy is said to be used in heating water. For people of Delhi, it won’t be much of a problem due to the scorching heat. That is why it is recommended to every consumer to purchase a solar water heater in Delhi NCR, to be able to save more energy and in turn money.


Benefits of Solar Water Heater

There are plenty of benefits of owning a solar water heater. Some of them are:

Free Energy

Solar energy being free means you save so much simply on overhead costs. No need for refueling, raw materials or waste. Even during cloudy weather, you can make use of solar energy to heat water. It is a clean and renewable energy source.


Solar water heaters are efficient and convert close to 80% of radiation into heat energy required to boil water. They are also cheaper compared to PV panels. The solar thermal panels that aid the heater take up hardly any space. This helps in storage and easy movement. One cannot have a solar PV panel in homes due to its large space requirement. An array of 10-16 solar PV panels is adequate but so much space is usually unavailable in homes.

The panels are easy to install and require very little maintenance. Solar water heaters also have a long shelf life.


There are no fuel bills to worry about. You save on added LPG connection. Being a form of renewable energy, a number of government schemes can be made use of to further save. Electricity costs are saved. Only a one-time investment installation fee is to be paid. The cost of solar heaters is reducing as years go by.

Solar water heaters provide close to 80% of your hot water needs. Imagine the amount of money you can save month on month. The solar heater pays itself back within 3-4 years itself. It is expected to last for close to 40 years with ease.


Even though many of us don’t think about the environment, a solar water heater does eliminate the use of carbon in the atmosphere. Other greenhouse emissions are also prevented by the use of solar water heaters. The quality of air is improved with byproducts of coal or other gases not involved in solar water heaters.



Industrially, the energy to boil water is generated from burning fossil fuels. In homes, we can save on boiling water by only reducing the hot water bath or thermostats. We cannot survive without boiling water. The solar water heater in Delhi NCR is also easily available.

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