10 Top Reasons to Choose Migration Agent Adelaide for Australia

The first and foremost reason for choosing migration agent Adelaide SA is, it is registered with the Office of the Migration Agent Adelaide Registration Authority, better known by its acronym MARA. It is attached to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of the Government of Australia for registering and regulating the functioning of all migration agents in Australia.

There are a number of registered migration agents in Australia. Why then you will choose migration agent Adelaide SA.  Each migration case is unique by itself and you will get personalized service from them, starting with a comprehensive process of evaluation.

  1. Well-versed in Legal Formalities

Submission and assessment of Visa applications involve complicated and rigorous legal formalities which you may not be aware of.  The agent you choose must be well-versed in the legislation related to migration, correct interpretation of the same and in-depth knowledge of the administrative procedure in processing your application. Even a minor error or omission in the application may delay the very process.

  1. Time-Saving

Because of the safety reasons of the country, the assessing authority of DIBP adheres strictly to the rules, regulations, and procedures before permitting a visa. You may be asked to furnish additional information on the basis of the information submitted on the visa application form. At the same time, DIBP may ask for specific information from government agencies of different countries. The migration agent Adelaide can handle these effectively

  1. Effective Consultation and Services

you can get it through in-house appointment.  They can explain to you, various visa options available to you and suggest a suitable option. They can prepare documents for your visa application and lodge a well-prepared application to make the process faster and easier for getting a decision from DIBP.

  1. Multi-lingual Staff

A wearer knows where the shoe pinches. The experienced team of migration agent in Adelaide mainly comprises migrants. So they will understand the hidden realities behind the migration process. The multi-lingual structure eases interaction with clients of various origins.

  1. Honest Revelation of Conflict of Interest

As prescribed in the Code of Conduct of migration agent under the Migration Regulation Act, the migration agent Adelaide reveals to the clients within 14 days, about any conflict of interest and does not take up the case. Rather, it advises clients to avail the services of another agent, registered with MARA. You will thus be saved from any adverse consequences arising out of ‘conflict of interest’.

  1. Written and Substantiated Advice

The oral advice is given in writing without holding out any unjustified or unsubstantiated prospects of success. You thus save your money and time arising out of the consequences of false hope or unreasonable anticipation.

  1. Compliance to Instructions & Information of Progress

You get a written confirmation about the instructions given by you and subsequent compliance to the same.  Moreover, you get written information about the progress of each case or application and the outcome of your case.

  1. Transparency

When you avail the services of migration agents, Adelaide, you are fully assured of transparency, trust, due diligence, candidness and professional ethics. You get a systematically strategized migration plan that suits to your preferences and needs.

  1. Cost- Effective

You get a cost-effective framework, with clear mentioning about their fees. On your approval only, they start their work. There is no hidden cost.

  1. Flexible Payment Plans

In order to ease you out of any financial stress, Migration Agent Adelaide South Australia has different payment plans.


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