How Effective Are Bollards To Help Reduce Road Vehicle Hostility And Illegal Parking?


With the consistent rise in population as well as traffic congestion, incidents of vehicle hostility and pedestrian endangerment are terrifyingly common. The issue is most significant in major urban areas, populated office neighbourhoods, suburban malls, construction zones and markets. As such, it must be a priority for the government as well as concerned establishments to focus on roads and sidewalk segregation as the first step towards bringing down the accident counts in your area.

Why focus on safe road segregation?

While suburbs have the luxury of space, urban areas are more likely to have main roads directly fronting major high rises and residential buildings. If any vehicle off shooting from the main road can access your sidewalk, it is undoubtedly unsafe. Just imagine out with your kids in a stroller and a cab rushes on to the footpath in a bid to overtake rush hour traffic. Sounds terrifying? That is because it is. All building and commercial property promises that encourage foot traffic should focus on potential vehicle risk management. The property managers, in this case, should coordinate with their local governing bodies to put in measures for safe road segregation immediately. The idea is to make it much more difficult for that errant cab or even an accidental road rush to access the footpath under any circumstances.

Bollards to reduce vehicle hostility and illegal parking

Bollards are the best solution for road segregation, however, only if they are chosen according to the requirement of the area and correctly installed. If the bollards is not right for the area, it might underperform. For instance, if a flexible bollards is used in a rush traffic area, chances are it might not be able to stop a high-speed car running over to the pavement. Here are a few essential points that must be followed when bollards are being installed. These will maximise the efficiency and safety performance of the installations.

  • Bollards should be the correct standard certified for the type of area that it needs to protect. Since this needs careful analysis of the area and matching the correct installation to the risk calculation, it is ideal to call in professional help right at the onset.
  • Brands that have a proven record of quality are much more preferred than lower budget but untested companies. Brands like, for instance, have proven their mettle in consistently supplying fully certified safety measures and subsequent installations.
  • Installation methods will also affect the overall performance of the bollards. For instance, surface mounted or superficially, bolt fixed bollards will continue to lose efficiency as the bolts shear with time. Similarly, bollards that are only set in the asphalt layer will have a lower resistance to high power vehicle hostility as compared to the ones that are set in the concrete layer of the road.

If aesthetics in some areas or cases (such as events) prevents from choosing bollards as the prominent option, you can further use street furniture or force resistant boxes to dress up the area. However, the bollards will still give a structured performance for vehicle owners to find areas set for parking thus reducing issues with illegal parking and eventual traffic confusion in case of any particular events.

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