Invest in Travel and Hospitality Companies in the US

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When entrepreneurs want to invest, they seek fast growing property and companies. To this end, they use procurement services that help them seek out the best firms with the best growth and potential in each industry. Here we see some of the companies that are doing well in the travel and hospitality industry.

Adventure and Travel for All

Travel and hospitality offer tremendous scope for growth because there is always a need for travel and for boarding and lodging. The extent of services do not stop with the hotel services but extends to makers of golf courses, cruise service providers, and hiking, biking, and adventure tour service providers. Check out the list of new Travel and hospitality companies in United States given below.

Carlson Companies

One of the most established and famous names in the hospitality sector, Carlson Companies in close to 150 companies. It is one of the largest private companies in the US. The global hotel chains associated with this group include Radisson Blu, Country Inn & Suites, Park Plaza, and Park Inn among others.

American Cruise Lines

This is one of the ultimate experiences in luxury travel. You have fine wining and dining and there is always the next port to explore. They offer all modern conveniences and fittings including a private balcony on the ship. It has won awards for being the best river cruise company. The cruises include Alaska, Pacific Northwest, Mississippi cruise and more.

Austin Adventures

In the adventure travel industry, Austin Adventures is a leading name. It involves multisport tours with biking and hiking included in various parts of the world. You get unique offers and splendid opportunities that the organizers so painstakingly arrange for you.

Swain Destinations

For a personalized vacation experience, nothing beats those provided by Swain Destinations. They came into being in 1987 and since then have provided the American traveler terrific opportunities in different parts of the world including Australia, New Zealand, Africa, India, Asia, and the South Pacific. They allow you to change the itinerary according to your preferences. This is one of the best travel and hospitality companies in the United States.

Crown American

This is a real estate firm but has plenty of hotels also. They have a 40-year history of hospitality services and were currently developing two Holiday Inn properties. The workers in this company enjoy paid holidays, retirement benefits, on-the-job training, flexible working schedule, and many more job perks. A good company to invest in mainly because of the positive work attitude and work atmosphere.

Kemper Sports

This company develops, manages, and markets golf courses. They have built and own many golf courses, lodging venues, and athletic clubs across the US, Central America, and the Caribbean. If you like your golf game, then you can enjoy it while investing your money into this lucrative venture.

For all those who seek the best investment, the travel and hospitality companies are highly prospective. It offers good growth opportunity with assured returns on the investment. Use the services of the procurement sector to make the investment. They will source the best opportunity for investment so you need not do the groundwork yourself.

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