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Many people suffer from joint problems causing loss of mobility either due to accidental injury or birth defect or simply old age. If not treated in time, this can lead to excessive pain and anguish. Based on the scientific diagnosis, an Orthopedic surgeon decides if the problem can only be remedied using orthopedic implant, requiring Orthopedic surgery for augmenting or replacing the affected joint.

Manufacturers of orthopedics produce the supports and replacement joint that allows the patients to return to normal life. This process is effective, but of course, there are risks associated with any kind of surgery.

The case of a patient Jack Nicklaus, who undertook hip replacement is an important example. He lived with so much pain for a long time until finally, he underwent the hip replacement surgery in 1999. Thereafter, he is active and still able to play pretty good golf.

It may be of interest to know how these implants are made. Technology and Modern manufacturing ingenuity have enabled surgeons to perform the miracle of joint replacement.

In a passage of a few years, orthopedic implant and instrument manufacturing has evolved from science fiction to practical reality.  Every year the techniques, devices, and products created in orthopedics are improving. Orthopedic manufacturing play an important role in our lives as it helps us to live a healthier and happy life.

A continuous investment in research and development in the field of orthopedic implants and instruments are needed. As the costs and risks of orthopedic procedures are reduced, the miracle of modern orthopedics can reach to more and more people who need this type of care, to improve their quality of life.

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