Trending styles of Abayas


When it comes to Muslim women wear, then Abaya is a very common name that comes up. It is a loose robe kind of a thing which covers a woman’s body from below the neck to the toes.

When you buy women abayas, you get to see that there are plenty of variations and colors available in abayas these days. New cuts and designs have also been introduced and women have come out from the idea of simple long black abayas. Here are a few style trends that can be followed with abayas.

  • When you are going for any party or for an evening get together then you can always opt for an open abaya. Now, the question is what is an open front abaya? It is one which is not closed or stitched from the front part and this can be styled in different ways. One can mix and match it with a lot of outfits and it really looks stylish. Suppose you want to wear a stylish maxi dress for the evening. You can easily pair them with an open front abaya to get a girly look. You only need to keep an eye so that the colour of the abaya and the maxi dress should not clash. One can pick same tone colour for both or go for mix and match colors. You can also go for a tunic and open front abaya combination to get a stylish chic look. If you are going for a formal meeting or for an office party then wear a formal shirt with proper trousers and an open abaya with it. It will give you a classy look.
  • You can try another style in abayas. These abayas are layered with open sleeves and they are loose. If you want to carry an elegant look, then this one is perfect for you. It is not necessary but of you want, you can always pair them up with a nice and patterned hijab. These abayas have a lovely layered pattern. There are many layered abayas whose sleeves have black or silver sequins or some have silver threads on it. But one can always go for the plain coloured ones.
  • Kaftan styled abayas has become very popular these days. This design has become common these days. Here the abaya looks like a kaftan and it also comes with a front knot. Kaftan and abaya is actually a mix and match style which really looks good in women. One can go for the abayas which come with a lot of embroideries works on the sleeves. One can wear them at any party as it looks really stylish.

One can shop abayas online but before doing that, one should check out the trends that have become popular at present. Even if one wants to wear the traditional front closed abayas, then also they have a lot of solid colours and patterned designs to check out. So, come out of the old boring style and look new with these new styles.

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